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15400 E 14th Place Aurora, CO 80011 Training room 1

WIOA Informational Intake Session
15400 E 14th Place Aurora, CO 80011

Workshop Description
Learn the WIOA process for enrollment and ask questions about the WIOA program at an Informational/Intake Session. Attendance to an Informational/Intake Session is a mandatory step in accessing WIOA services. Informational/Intake Sessions are approximately two hours in length. The first hour focuses on a general overview of WIOA services offered at Arapahoe/Douglas Works! Following a short break, eligible customers are moved on to the intake portion of the presentation, a mandatory part of enrollment. Late arrivals will not be admitted.

During the intake portion of the presentation, eligibility paperwork will be completed and customers will be required to sign a Customer Agreement Contract. Provided all requirements are met and appropriate documentation is provided, it will be determined if customers are eligible for the WIOA Program. Please be aware that eligibility determination for the WIOA Program is not a guarantee of enrollment service or training funds.

If a customer is missing eligibility documentation, he/she will have 7 calendar days to provide it to the Intake Specialist. If required eligibility documentation is not provided within the 7-day time limit, the customer will be deemed ineligible and the file will be shredded. Customers still wishing to enroll in WIOA will be required to attend another Intake Session.

Additional Details
Additional Required Documentation for WIOA Eligibility Determination:
Photo Identification Card with a social security card or passport,
and/or Photo Identification Card with a birth certificate.
Selective Service Verification for all males born after January 1st 1960, please visit www.sss.gov.
DD-214 (Veterans) Veterans receive priority of service in the program.
Naturalization papers if applicable.


Location: 15400 E. 14th Place Aurora, CO 80011
Room: Training Room 1
Capacity: 12

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