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G.E.D. Assistance

Earn Your G.E.D. at Arapahoe/Douglas Works! Enroll in G.E.D. courses and the Business and Assessment Center will provide you with free study materials and cover testing fee(s).

Arapahoe/Douglas Works! offers one-on-one tutoring based on a Pre-G.E.D. tests, helping you study where you need it the most.  Arapahoe/Douglas Works! will provide you with study materials so you can study on your own time and convenience.  When a score of 450 is reached, you will receive a voucher to take the official G.E.D. test at a location of your choice.  To pass the G.E.D. test a minimum score of 410 and average of 450 is required in Science, Social Studies, Reading, Math and Writing.

G.E.D. assistance is open to legal Colorado residents.
Register with and visit the Business and Assessment Center to take the G.E.D. Pre-Test.

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