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The Employment First program is designed to promote self-sufficiency and independence by supporting employment through skills training, work experience, and job searching activities. If you are currently receiving Food Assistance (SNAP) in Arapahoe County and would like assistance with finding a job, career training, pre-apprenticeships/apprenticeships or upskilling then the Employment First program is here to help. The Employment First program will allow you to have access to intensive job search services, tuition assistance, community resources and additional supportive services.

Arapahoe County

Arapahoe County Orientations are offered each Tuesday at 9:30am and 2:00pm at our Altura Plaza location.

If you miss an Arapahoe County Employment First orientation please call the reschedule Information Line at 303-636-1277.  

Aurora Workforce Center 
Altura Plaza 
15400 E. 14th Place, Basement 
Aurora, CO 80011 
Phone: 303-636-2014
Fax: 303-459-7978

Douglas County

Douglas County Orientations are offered every Tuesday at 1:00pm at our Castle Rock Location

If you miss a Douglas County Employment First Orientation please call 303-814-7149.

Castle Rock Workforce Center
Douglas County Human Services 
4400 Castleton Court
Castle Rock, CO 80109
Phone: 303-814-7149
Fax: 877-285-8988

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