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Choices CT (Career Transitions)

Choices CT (Career Transitions) will equip you with tools to select the assessments that are most useful to you. You may want to identify your interests, work values, basic skills, or transferable skills and abilities. When you complete a self assessment you will be able to review occupations that match up with your results. You can also customize a list of occupations which use many of your criteria. Choices has labor market information easily accessible for you as you conduct occupational research. You can save the results of everything that you do on the system for future access and sharing.  

Career Decision Making / CDM

Career Decision Making, or CDM, is an assessment that will help you to identify career clusters you like most, school subjects you do well in, and life experiences that you enjoy. You will consider what brings you satisfaction on the job, what your strongest abilities are, and how that relates to your future plans. Using Dr. John Holland’s interest inventory to identify your strongest characteristics, you’ll be able to focus in on career clusters that would be a good match for you. 

True Colors

True Colors is a personality assessment which helps you discover who you were born to be. There are four basic personality types which are identified as GREEN, BLUE, GOLD, and ORANGE. This assessment will help you identify your top talents and focus on jobs that will capitalize on your strengths. Colors will help you to identify individuals of other colors in your professional or personal life, improve your communication skills, and increase your successes in many areas. 

Microsoft Tutorials

Microsoft Tutorials allow you to learn technical computer skills through self-paced computer tutorials. Tutorials may help you to enhance or refresh your skills within Microsoft Office programs like Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Tutorials also include Peachtree Accounting and Quickbooks Pro, and all are useful training tools for the individual who learns well in a structured online environment.


Anyone who has faced a test during the application process knows that this can be unsettling if you are unprepared. It is best to know what level of skills you have to offer a business so you can present your skills accurately as you apply for jobs. Are your skills beginning, intermediate or advanced? This is an internationally used testing program used by large and small companies to verify whether or not you have the skills you claim and can let you know what level of skills you have. You must complete assessments in the Business and Assessment Center. Over 1,000 assessments are available including industrial, software, legal, medical, call center, clerical, and more! 


Pre-GED tests can be taken free of charge by anyone registered with After completing four Pre-GED tests you will be able to schedule your actual testing at one of the authorized testing sites in Colorado. The official GED test is not administered at Arapahoe/Douglas Works! 

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