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Customer Code of Conduct

Arapahoe/Douglas Works! Customer Code of Conduct

Food and Beverage

Consumption of food and beverages is only allowed in the coffee lounge located on the North side of Building 6974

Noise and Disorderly Behavior

Disorderly behavior, excessive noise and harassing customers or staff is prohibited.

Drugs & Alcohol 

Customers are prohibited from consuming or being under the influence of or impaired by alcohol or drugs while at the workforce center.

Telephone Use

Phone calls are permitted to prospective employers and job-related services only.  Each call should be no more than 10 minutes in length and in designated areas only.  Calls or messages for customers will not be accepted.  Cell phones are not allowed in the resource area.  We ask our customers to take phone calls in designated areas.

Computer Use

Computer use may be limited and is restricted to employment and job-search.  All computer usage is subject to staff and electronic monitoring.  There is a two-hour time limit for usage.

Fax, Copier and Printer

A limit of five (5) outgoing faxes may be sent daily.  It is not allowable to receive faxes at the workforce center.  A total of 10 copies may be made daily on the customer copy machine.  Print jobs are limited to no more than 10 pages per day and must be job search/work related.  Printing of personal material is prohibited.

Equipment and Materials

Tampering with the computers, printers or any other equipment is forbidden.  Please ask for assistance if you are having trouble or need access to adaptive equipment or other accommodations.

Attire Cleanliness

Proper attire is required throughout the resource center.  Business-casual attire and shoes are expected in our offices.  Personal hygiene measures and cleanliness are expected.  Employers frequently visit the office, so dress for success!

Security Guard

Security measures, including a security guard, have been put in place to enhance customer and staff safety.  At any point in time, the security guard can ask a customer to leave the premises or take any other action deemed necessary to ensure safety.

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