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WIOA Adult & Dislocated Worker Programs


If you are interested in our WIOA Adult, Dislocated Worker, or Young Adult program, please speak to a Career Services Advisor at our Comprehensive One-Stop Workforce Center located at 6974 S. Lima St. Centennial, CO 80112 or at our One-Stop Workforce Center located at 15400 E. 14th Place Aurora, CO 80011. As program enrollment availability is limited, enrollments will be considered on a case-by-case basis and enrollment is not guaranteed. If enrolled, please note, funding for training and other services is not guaranteed and is subject to grant availability, policy restrictions, and any applicable corresponding processes and procedures. 

Explore Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Career Transition Services

Do you lack marketable skills necessary to stay competitive in today’s job market? Were you recently separated from employment through no fault of your own? The Workforce Innovations and Opportunity Act (WIOA) might be able to help. WIOA is a federally-funded program designed to minimize the impact of job loss and to create a pathway for job seekers to obtain employment. WIOA services are designed to increase employment retention, earnings and occupational skills attainment for adult and dislocated workers.

WIOA Intensive Job Search Services

  • Assistance with job leads
  • Resume assistance and critique
  • Education and career assessments
  • Employment Readiness workshops and assessments to assist you with your employment search and career readiness

Who May Be Eligible?

  • Dislocated Workers - Workers who have recently been laid off through no fault of their own and who do not have employable skills or current certification
  • Displaced Homemakers - Unemployed spouses who are/have been affected by a layoff, divorce, legal separation or death of a spouse
  • Adults (over age 18) who are in need of assistance with finding and keeping employment

Required Documentation for WIOA Eligibility Determination:

  • Photo Identification Card with a social security card or passport
  • And/or Photo Identification Card with a birth certificate
  • Selective Service Verification for all males born after January 1st 1960, please visit
  • DD-214 (Veterans) Veterans receive priority of service in the program
  • Naturalization papers if applicable
  • Contact information including mailing addresses of 3 individuals not living with you

Laid off at no fault of your own or receiving Unemployment Insurance?
Please also provide:

  • Letter of Lay Off
  • Notice of Decision and Monetary Determination letter from UI
  • 6-8 weeks of your Job Search Contacts or from Date of Layoff

WIOA Talent Development Services (Training Assistance)

Talent Development is an option available through WIOA to customers who are considering short-term training programs in targeted industries. Training assistance is not guaranteed and is subject to labor market data. 

WIOA Limitations

Industries and occupations are subject to current regional labor market data, and training within industries and/or occupations demonstrating over saturation or low growth potential cannot be approved unless participant can provide documentation or a pre-hire letter that the industry training requested will result in wages leading to self-sufficiency (subject to training board approval).

WIOA cannot provide training assistance or reimburse for costs incurred prior to program eligibility, enrollment and approval for training. If you have already started a training program, WIOA Programs will only assist with intensive job search services during and after training. Training will not be approved if you have enrolled in any short-term training program prior to WIOA eligibility determination and training approval by Arapahoe/Douglas Works! (no exceptions). WIOA may possibly assist in long-term degrees (Associates, Bachelors, Masters) with three semesters or less remaining. 

WIOA may support occupational training that is of an entrepreneurial nature only in a Workforce Development Board identified targeted industry (restrictions apply).

Any issues that might prevent you from being successful in employment and training must be addressed prior to enrollment in the WIOA program. These may include but are not limited to: homelessness, legal issues preventing employment, health concerns. Workforce Specialists can refer participants to community partners that might be able to assist with barriers to employment prior to Talent Development consideration.

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