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If you are interested in the WIOA Adult, Dislocated Worker Programs, please call the WIOA Triage Line at 303-636-1360.

Q: I am interested in receiving financial assistance from WIOA for a training, degree or certificate program; if I am enrolled, will I be approved for Talent Development (training assistance)?
Upon completion of the required steps, participants will be determined eligible for enrollment and contacted by their assigned Workforce Specialist to schedule an appointment. When meeting with their Workforce Specialist, participants will go through a Comprehensive Assessment and develop an Individual Employment Plan to assess current skills and determine the need for training. Participants will be required to participate in intensive job search services prior to Talent Development approval; the goal for all participants is full-time employment.

Training assistance is not guaranteed and is evaluated only after a customer is enrolled. Industries and occupations are subject to current regional labor market data, and training within industries and/or occupations demonstrating over saturation or low growth potential cannot be approved unless participant can provide documentation or a pre-hire letter that the industry training requested will result in wages leading to self-sufficiency (subject to training board approval). WIOA cannot provide training assistance or reimburse for costs incurred prior to program eligibility, enrollment and approval for training. If you have already started a training program, WIOA Programs will only assist with intensive job search services during and after training. Training will not be approved if you have enrolled in any short-term training prior to WIOA eligibility determination and training approval by Arapahoe/Douglas Works! (no exceptions).

Q: What can WIOA do for me?
A: WIOA can assist you with 1:1 job search, education and career assessments, work readiness workshops and assessments to assist with employment search and career readiness, Talent Development (Training assistance) for those who are approved.

Q: Will WIOA assist with supportive services while I am looking for employment or during Talent Development?
A: Please discuss your supportive services needs with your Workforce Specialist after you are enrolled into the program. 

Q: Do I need to have a G.E.D. or high school diploma to participate in the WIOA program?
A: No. If you need assistance with obtaining a G.E.D., please speak with a Career Services Advisors. Customers are required to have a G.E.D. or high school diploma prior to consideration for Talent Development (Training Assistance) through WIOA.

Q: If I received previous Talent Development (Training Assistance) am I eligible to receive Talent Development assistance again? 
A: Per local policy Arapahoe/Douglas Works! will not assist with Talent Development if the participant has received Talent Development (Training Assistance) in the past at Arapahoe/Douglas Works or any surrounding workforce center.

Q: If I am currently employed will I be considered for Talent Development (Training Assistance)?
A: Priority for WIOA assistance will be given to those who are currently not employed; however, consideration will be given to employed participants who can show that assistance through WIOA will increase their ability to find and retain employment that increases their ability to become self-sufficient.

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