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Success in today’s job market involves equipping oneself with new networking, job search and self-branding trends that will set you apart from the crowd. For in-depth information, attend one of our no-cost workshops.

Networking Your Way to Employment

An estimated 70% of all jobs are found through networking—it is the single most effective method of finding employment*. Networking is defined as creating effective relationships with individuals that develop value for both parties. Developing quality relationships allows you to build credibility, establish your personal brand, instill trust, learn about an industry or occupation, and if done right, can open doors to land you a job.

Leveraging Your Online Network

In recent years, online social networking has presented job seekers and businesses with a venue to connect and collaborate. More employers are posting jobs directly to social networking sites, giving members or ‘followers’ first notice of openings. Job seekers who are participating in the online social networking scene should also be aware that many employers who are considering a candidate for a position are researching the individuals’ profiles on these sites. If you do participate in social networking it’s best to keep your content professional in nature because it’s open to the world to view.

In addition to connecting with employers, many social networking sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, provide users with the opportunity to connect with groups. These groups, which range from personal and professional interests, support and leisure, are a great way to connect with other people with similar interests.  Social networking requires a time commitment to experience its full benefits. Simply setting up a profile and waiting for response is as effective as not getting involved at all. Assess your goals and time commitment before deciding to participate. Attend one of our Networking workshops and learn more about building a network that works for you.

Top Professional Social Media Sites:

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Online Job Search,,…we’ve all heard of these job search sites.  Because of the ease of use and larger reach to mass candidates, employers are posting their job openings online.  When applying online you might be asked to upload an electronic version of your résumé, and for this reason a plain text version of your résumé is essential.

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