Customized Business Development Solutions

Our no-cost services are designed to help you meet your unique hiring and workforce development needs, saving your business time and valuable resources.


Arapahoe/Douglas Works! provides a wide variety of no cost services to help employers meet their recruitment goals and ensure a qualified workforce. Our Business Development Representatives are experienced in listening to employers’ needs and providing solutions to save your organization time, money and valuable resources. Fill out our Business Services Request form and one of our representatives will contact you to discuss your hiring needs.

Understanding the Current Business Environment

Arapahoe/Douglas Works collects data and compiles reports to help local business and industry better-understand the current environment.  You can view these reports within our Workforce Trends, Economic Competitiveness, and Industry Intelligence pages.

Learn more about Arapahoe County Economic Development and Douglas County Economic Development.

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Hire. Recruit with Confidence

After understanding your labor force and job openings, we’ll tap into on-site resources and tools to make certain your hiring needs are met in a timely and cost-effective manner.  One of these proven resources is, the statewide job database for Colorado’s system of workforce centers.  By posting your opening directly to Connecting Colorado or requesting it be posted by your local business development representative, you will receive inquiries from candidates who meet your ideal minimum qualifications.  We customize services to meet your unique needs.

  • Guidance on writing effective job listings

  • Targeted marketing and outreach to qualified candidates

  • Customized hiring events and interviewing

  • Pre-screening of candidates

  • Access to hiring and training incentive and cost-savings programs

Train.  Assess and Train Talent for the Best Fit

We offer a wide selection of no-cost evaluations and assessments to ensure your candidate selection exceeds your expectations. We can also connect you with talent development, education and training as well as aptitude, soft skills and skills upgrade assessments and career exploration to help guide your existing labor force toward your goals. 

  • Job profiling
  • Supplemental training and education options for individuals
  • Internationally recognized specific skills testing program  Kenexa Prove It

Retain.  Investing in Talent for Long-Term Growth

Human resource management can be a considerable expense in any business. For this reason, investing in information about the labor market that guides your hiring and retention is essential. We can provide a wide array of information that reveals industry trends and relevant answers as your business looks to expand, reduce or transform.

  • Current Labor Market Information
  • Layoff Assistance & Unemployment Insurance Information
  • Labor Laws, Wage & Hour, Special Population, Youth & Tax Credit Programs
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